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Income:  A combined total gross monthly income of all applicants must be equal to 4 times the rent and must be documented with a check stub, bank statement and/or tax return.  

Landlord reference:  Applicant(s) will need to provide a landlord reference for the previous 2 years.  References will be checked to verify that there is no history of evictions, and inquiries will be made as to the condition of the property upon move out verifying that no significant damage was done to the property.


An application will be considered even if you do not have a landlord reference (for example, you have been living with a relative), however an approved co-signer may be required to be considered.


Residence:  All applicants must physically reside at the property for which he/she is applying unless they are a co-signer.  Disclosure of all persons who will be occupying the property must be documented on the lease application.  Note: Any person 18 years or older must be a leaseholder and will be subject to the same requirements as the primary applicant(s).


Application Fee:  A $33.00 per applicant fee will be due at the time the lease application is received.  This fee must be paid by money order and is non-refundable.


Credit/Background Check:  Although we place significantly more emphasis on your landlord references, job history, and current income, a credit report and a criminal background check will be pulled on all applicants (including co-signers). 

Criminal Background:  An applicant will be turned down if they have been convicted of a felony that created a threat to person or property, for any crimes involving the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, or if they are a registered sex offender. 


Employment: Applicants need to show they have worked at the same job for a minimum of 6 months.  If an applicant just started a new job we will consider their past 2 years employment history.  An approved co-signer may be required if an applicant’s job history does not meet this criteria.


Number of occupants:  No more than 2 occupants per bedroom and no more than 3 vehicles per lot will be allowed.  (Exceptions will be considered at the discretion of the landlord.)


Pet Policy:  Pets are allowed in tenant owned homes only provided they qualify under the Park Rules & Regulations, and a Pet Agreement has been signed.  A Pet Deposit equal to the rent (up to 2 pets) will be required prior to residence.  Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in our Rental Homes at this time,


Note to Homeowners:  Prior to moving any home into the park, all prospective residents must provide proof of mobile home ownership.


Any information on the application that is determined to be false will be grounds for the application to be denied or immediate eviction.

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