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- How Can I Qualify to Rent From You?


Your total monthly household income must be at least 4 times the lot rent or home payment. (Proof of income must be provided).


Lot Rent Example:  The lot rent is $185 x 4 = $740 total monthly income needed; 

Rental Home Example: The home payment is $700 x 4 = $2800 total monthly income needed.


- Is my Past Rental History Considered?


Yes. When you submit your Lease Application your previous landlord will be contacted to verify your rental history.  If you have been staying with relatives and haven’t been renting from a landlord then you may need a co-signer.  The co-signer must own their own home or have a good rental history that can be verified. 

- Do I Need to be Employed to Rent from You?


Yes, unless you have another source of income that qualifies.  You need to show that you worked at the same job for a minimum of 6 months.  If you just started a new job we will consider your past 2 years employment history.  An approved co-signer may be required if your job history does not meet this criteria.


SSI, Disability, and Retirement Income:  You must show proof of income via official documentation.


Section 8:  We do not accept Section 8 at this time.


- Do You do a Credit/Background Check?


Yes. Although we place significantly more emphasis on your landlord references, job history, and current income, a credit report and a criminal background check will be pulled on all applicants (including co-signers).


A background check is required for everyone 18 years or older that will be living in our community.  This includes grown children living with you.


- What Do you Look for on an Application?




Rental or Ownership History

Previous Evictions

Criminal/Felony Record

- How Much is the Application Fee for the Background Check?


When your Lease Application is submitted, a non-refundable $33 fee is required for each person 18 years of age or older that will be living in the home.  Everyone over 18 years old must sign the Application and the Lease, and provide proof of identity at the time of submission.


- Do I have to be the Homeowner to Bring A Home Into the Park?

No.  However, proof of mobile home ownership must be provided prior to moving any home into the park, whether you own the home or not. If someone other than you owns the home they will need to be on the Lease and will be subject to the same requirements as you.


- Do You Allow Pets?


Pets are only allowed in resident-owned homes provided they qualify under our Pet Policy, and the Park Rules & Regulations.


- Is There a Security Deposit?


Yes.  Occupancy in the park requires a Security Deposit equivalent to the first month’s rent whether you are a renter or homeowner.  


Note to Homeowners:  In order to be in compliance with the of City of Glencoe, all homeowners are required to skirt and deck their homes within 90 days from move in.  Homeowners must either provide proof that contractual arrangements have been made for this or an additional deposit would be assessed to go toward the costs associated with skirting and decking the home. 


- After I am Approved, What Will I Have to Pay?

You will need to pay your security deposit and the first month’s rent.  If you are not moving in on the 1st of the month, then your rent will be prorated.


Lot Rent Example:  If your lot rent is $185 and you move in on June 15th:


On June 15th you will need to pay $185 (Security Deposit) + $92.55 (Prorated Rent) = $277.55 total due.

A Pet Deposit of $185 will also be required (if applicable);

On July 1st you will owe $185

Note:  An additional deposit may be assessed to address the skirting and decking issue as noted above.  


Rental Home Example:  If your home rent is $700 and you move in on June 15th:


On June 15th you will need to pay $700 (Security Deposit) + $350 (Prorated Rent) = $1050 total due

On July 1st you will owe $700


- How Quickly Can I Move in After my Application has Been Approved?

You can move in immediately once the Lease has been signed and all monies are received.

- What Does my Rent Cover?


Your rent covers water, sewer, trash, and mowing.  The only utilities you need to pay are electric and cable.  


Note Regarding Rentals:  Each park owned home comes with a stove and a refrigerator.  If you have your own appliances we can remove our appliances to accommodate you.  All homes have washer/dryer hook ups.


ATTENTION ALL RENTERS: Please call and check on availability as our rentals move quickly.

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